How do you retrieve the documents? They get uploaded straight to Google Drive into the Company – Auto Group Shared Drive and each store has a folder under Secure Transfer:

When you click into your store’s folder, you will see folders that have the Name & Email Address that the customer entered on the Upload Page.

These files auto expire after 24 hours, so be sure to retrieve them within that time frame!


  1. Stop using personal email to collect customer documents
  2. Send your customer to your store’s Secure File Transfer link, ie.
  3. Once you have confirmed with customer that they have uploaded their documents, go to: 
    1. Google Drive
    2. Shared Drives
    3. Company – Auto Group
    4. Secure Upload file
    5. Your store’s Secure Upload file
    6. Find the file with your customer’s name and email
    7. Retrieve the customer documents

We’ve added these instructions to a document and in a video, and put it in the Secure Upload folder on google drive.